Nude is NOT “One Shade Fits All”

I know I’m not the only black woman that gives the stank face whenever magazines or beauty experts talk about the nude pump or nude nail polish to elongate the fingers or the nude lip for a trendy muted face to only have them show colors that end with say the shade cream? You know what, I will even go as far as to say they may show a honey color and call it dark. Either way it leaves us actually dark skin toned women out of the nude loop left to deal with thing noticeably not matching… Like band-aids.

I got to the point of annoyance that I found some things that are nude for black women!

Nail polish: Revlon- Totally Toffee | Aldo- Shy Rose | OPI- Over the Taupe












I hope this helps your beauty and fashion woes or at least sufficed your desperation to be apart of the nude circle.

Peace and Love,


4 thoughts on “Nude is NOT “One Shade Fits All”

  1. This is a really good post, I had problems finding the perfect nude too. I have pale skin but the ‘corpse’ nudes and honey nudes wash me out completely so I went for a pinky nude. I’m just writing a post about it actually, it’s not up yet though. Zoe xx


    • So true i havent thought about the paler side of the spectrum. I wish magazines would cover all shades not just what they think is most beautiful or most accessible. Thanks for checking out my blog i will definitely take a look at yours!

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  2. Ps I also found the L’oreal Collection Privee lipstick really good too, as there are many shades. Julianne’s nude worked really well for me 😄💄


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