Two Thousand and Fifteen

So I was debating on what my first post of the new year would be… A deep spiritual post about how I’m growing and how you should grow with me, or a rant about how people need to stop trying to press the restart button only on 1/1/20__, perhaps an all time favorites and things/products I’m excited to try this year, or a list of randomness.

I’m going with the list of randomness

you’re welcome.

  • Happy New Year!
  • I hope in your efforts/desires/goals to change or grow from who you were last year, you didn’t do the same thing you did 1/1/2014 to welcome this year 🙂
  • If you did that’s okay.
  • I plan on still making an all time favorites video and I will more than likely do monthly favs… maybe quarterly favs finding new things every month might be a little tough.
  • I’m a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. I’m pretty excited about it. I’m new at it but have some unconventional goals for that journey.
  • If you followed my Journey: Self Worth series. I’m picking it back up. There were a lot of people who benefited from it and I kinda just stopped… not cool.
  • This is super cliche but… I’m going to work out more. This little stomach pudge has been hanging out with me long enough.
  • Am I the only one who just became obsessed with Refinery29?? If you don’t know what i’m talking about, don’t even finish this list, just go straight to their website.
  • It’s 2015 and I still miss college.
  • … but not enough to enroll in any classes again.
  • My husband and I got a new car! It’s an 08 Honda Accord and his name is Si… I love him.
  • I think I love him because of the testimony behind it. I will share it when God says it’s time… I have a feeling that He’s not finished with our season of blessings.
  • Speaking of a blessing, if you are in the Atlanta area do yourself a favor and check out the Gathering Oasis. This church is filled with young adults who are radicals for Christ. Cornelius and his wife Heather are amazing teachers and have helped my husband and me grow from the short time that we’ve been attending.
  • My husband’s name is Moses for those of you who don’t know me and my life.
  • I probably won’t speak much of my personal life or post a ton of pics of us… that gesture, insinuates nothing lol
  • I’m going to start a new youtube channel.. this will probably be like my 5th channel either way this will be the last one created and it will be in conjunction with this blog. I will give you the name deets soon.
  • I really like this whole list thing. My mind typically works like this, ya know thinking of 20 different things in a matter of 3 minutes. Bullet points disguise me sporadic mind.
  • It’s like I have a pretzel in my head.
  • Instagram isn’t real. I hope in 2015 you stop believing that what you see on your phone is what is happening in other people’s lives. People just do a good job of embellishing.
  • Something that resonated with me from church last night… God’s favor in someone else’s life does not mean that there is no favor left for you.
  • I think because of the capitalistic society we live in, we think everything is a competition and that there has to be a winner and a loser. We tend to think that if my friend wins then I lose. It’s wrong and stupid. Everyone can be a winner especially with Christ.
  • Yes I went to Church last night and it was fun. I guess I feel that being with God at the end of the year and the beginning of the year sets a good precedence.
  • If there is anything I hope for this year is to touch others. To continue to allow God to soften my heart. To step out on faith and be consistent with any and everything that I do.
  • and to win the lotto (even though I don’t buy lotto tickets)

Peace and Love



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