Something that I think is fantastic is the “body acceptance” movement. I see woman with so many different body types loving who they see in the mirror. For too long it was about fitting into a size 2 (0 if you’re really special) having thigh gap and a distinct collar bone… and in some places like the never – ending abyss known as Tumblr, and as far as I’ve seen, New York Fashion Week, these specifics still matter. Now I understand fitting into sample sizes and the way the clothes show on those extremely thin models, I understand why designers like Michael Kors and Donna Karen don’t have plus size or hell, regular human size models and their demographic. What I don’t understand however, is the lack of color.


Disappointed does not describe how I feel regarding the fact that it is 2015 and these designers have a model cast that is 96.5% White. The other 3.5% consist of one maybe two African American models, an Asian model and possibly a racially ambiguous model. (The extra .5% is cushion for the visibly White models who claim to have Native American) In the fashion world these designers like DKNY, Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren along with editors like Anna Wintour, are what the Academy is Hollywood. They create the fashion and beauty trends and we follow their lead. So when I look at what they say is beautiful, the lack of people who look like me and have hair like mine can become frustrating to say the least.

Let me highlight the fact that I’m not only speaking about my race but all races. I would adore seeing Latina, Indian, Native American and Middle Eastern models WERKing down a runway. And no one can convince me that there are not women of those ethnicities out there that can fit into the sample sizes and are attending casting calls. The real kicker though, is that these designers want women of all races to buy their products. They, by all means, are selling to the masses… so why not represent them all in their shows?

I’m not sure when or how this diversity problem in the fashion world will dissipate and dissolve but I hope someone has a major realization and starts a revolution.

For now, I can simply bring it up for discussion.


Peace and Love,