The ironic thing about pride is the fact that we don’t even realize when we are being prideful. We don’t see our thoughts and actions as pride but as something on a much smaller scale.

Today after church I was fellowshipping with one of my girlfriends about the sermon. Per usual we confided in one another… Starbucks and Waffle House tend to yield many revelations. She shared with me that my constant need to control things in my life, work, marriage, personal emotions, etc., is a result of being prideful. I know what you’re thinking… “like hell” “what am I supposed to just go with the flow?” “girl bye” so on and so forth. By no means am I saying to just toss things up in the air and let them fall where they may instead THROW everything up to God and let Him handle it all.

I thought I was already doing this until I took a step back and realized how much satisfaction I get when I accomplish and handle things on my own with my own intelligence and my crafty way with words.

Don’t take this literally, of course you should accomplish a multitude of achievements just the ones from God and not strictly for your own personal gain.

I challenge you to take a step back and evaluate yourself. How much of your time and your thoughts are focused on God and feeding His sheep? I will admit, majority of my thoughts are focused on personal gain or what I can do for my husband and his happiness forgetting the fact that if I simply follow God’s direction He will satisfy my spirit, my husband’s spirit and everything else in my life.

Seek God’s face, seek His direction, soften your heart and He will fill your soul with joy, peace and understanding.


Peace and Love,